The first Bahraini innovation of the "regional" epithet

The Executive Director of Bab Al-Bahrain Company, Imad Al-Asfour, revealed that the company has reached an innovation that is the first of its kind in the Middle East, explaining that “this innovation is an electronic program called (Integrated Electronic Payment Services Gateway) that works mainly to provide practical solutions for electronic payment, and enables Through it, government and private institutions and companies - whatever their size and budget - can receive money electronically from their customers with ease and professionalism. He added, "Any institution can activate its subscription free of charge and in less than 15 minutes without the need for a specialist, by registering on the website ( or calling the hotline 17684511," pointing out that "the company, based on its social responsibility, In the context of its work in support of the electronic economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, it places the program free of charge in the hands of charitable institutions. According to Al-Asfoor, “the service is characterized by a variety of features, most notably a direct transfer from the customer’s account to the company’s account, ease of linking the service to any electronic project or application, providing detailed reports on invoices and financial transactions, providing e-mail and SMS text messaging to send invoices and alert customers.” Direct notification of paid operations, and an advanced linking system. He continued, "This program saves a lot of effort, time, and even money for both parties (the company and the customer). It represents an advanced and pioneering step in developing the electronic economy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and providing it with more modern electronic programs." 98% of the administrative and development costs, 96% of the costs of collecting funds, and 99% of the time to complete transactions. Al-Asfoor pointed out that “the system, which was accomplished by Bahraini hands from a thousand thousand years, represents one of the prominent signs of Bab Al-Bahrain Company.” On the enormous capabilities that the Bahraini element possesses, and the many successes that it can achieve.

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