The Khair Plus initiative provides more than 100 charities with free technology and promotion support

The (Khair Plus) initiative granted more than 100 charitable and community organizations a free promotion of their websites on the Khair Plus electronic platform, in addition to a new look for the user interface and a new look for the site in general. The upgrade included many great features that ensure an ideal and unique experience for the user and give them a smoother browsing and navigation. Distinctive improvements have also been added to the charity store and electronic donation. Focus has been placed on supporting smart devices and adapting the site to different screen sizes, from laptops to mobile phones. And many many other features added. This step comes as part of the initiative's efforts to promote a culture of digital transformation of charitable and community institutions. The initiative has given the opportunity to better and more effectively highlight charitable organizations and their projects on the digital level and achieve their noble and humanitarian goals in a civilized and distinct manner.

The initiative has confirmed that it creates a real difference and a quantum leap in the level of digital transformation directed to charitable and community institutions, and many beneficiary associations have benefited from this initiative. It has contributed to raising the revenues of associations to very high levels, which has led to improved efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, they have been able to better serve and participate in society.

The initiative invites all societal and charitable associations and institutions to join the initiative and obtain technological support and digital transformation solutions